SEO Toolbar Add-In

The SEO Toolbar for Microsoft Expression Web (versions 1 & 2) helps you prepare your site and pages for Google, Bing, and other Internet search engines.

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Sitemap.xml Builder

One of the most important parts of your search engine optimization (SEO) work is building an XML sitemap. This standards-based, XML-formatted file helps search engines do a better job of crawling and indexing your site and is a snap to create with the Sitemap Builder. Remember, the sitemap.xml protocol is used by Google, Bing, and other search engines.


  • No XML knowledge required.
  • Integrates with the Expression Web user interface as a custom toolbar, so there's no need to use a stand-alone application or go to an external Web site.
  • Honors the Expression Web Don't Publish file property. If set, the file is excluded from your sitemap.
  • Home and index pages are automatically assigned the highest priority. (See what are the default priority settings?)
  • Use on as many sites as you like.

Robots.txt Builder

There are two reasons to always include a robots.txt file in your site. First, it lets you control which files and folders search engines, crawlers, and robots can see. And second, it's the best way to let search engines know about your sitemap.xml file. That's right. There's a special robots.txt directive that, when included in your robots.txt file, lets search engines know you have an XML sitemap available. And since most search engines download your robots.txt file every day, it's the ideal way to get discovered. The Robots.txt Builder. An essential tool.

Image Text Builder

Descriptive image title and alternative text make for a better user experience. And it also helps improve and increase your searchable page content. With the Image Text Builder you can conveniently add and edit both of these important values quickly. Iterate through all images on a page or edit them one at a time. The Image Text Builder is fast, easy, and efficient.

Property Count Menu Buttons

Have you ever published a new page and then realized you forgot to change the default title? Or forgot to add your page description and keywords? If so, you're missing out on some critical SEO work (never mind not practicing good page design).

With the Property Count Menu Buttons the days of forgetting these important values are over as you get a reminder right in the menu bar. And it's also a great check to make sure you don't say too much. The general rule is to not exceed 65 characters with your title tag, including spaces!

Tip: Go to Google or Bing and then type the following in the search box (without the double-quotes and replacing "mysite" with your site): "". You'll get a list of indexed pages and the title and description of each page.